Creating Sustainable Organizations

Training and Facilitation For Teams And Leaders

McVinney and Company works with leaders of high performance teams to enhance advanced organizational development skills and master mental diversity in the workplace. We teach proven management techniques and specific tools of analysis that help cultivate innovation, implement strategic planning and build sustainability.

Finding creative solutions to the hardest challenges facing a businesses is our focus. We help our clients grow, manage change, develop and launch new products, and handle big mergers and acquisitions. Our work is global and across all industries and knowledge segments.

HBDI Consultants – Applying The Whole Brain Model

McVinney & Company is the leader in applying the whole brain model and its application tools and techniques at organizations from universities to ‚Äústart ups”. Our President, Chuck McVinney, is one of just a handful of certifying master-facilitators for Herrmann International worldwide.

HBDI & Whole Brain Model

Whole-Brained Services & Programs

Our strategic programs and skills-driven facilitation processes are steeped in whole brain methodology and often incorporate HBDI assessments of each team member, through Herrmann International.